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Our friend Lorna, editor of the stylishly savvy premium denim website recently took some time to chat with us about her start, style tips, Ashley, and of course denim. Check out her interview below! For current celeb denim style, weekly giveaways and more, visit

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ASHLEYSTYLE.NET: Why denim? In a blogosphere surrounded by the likes of rumor mill musings and gossip galore- you chose fashion. Not just fashion, but denim in particular. What’s the story behind selecting a blog about one particular fabric?

LORNA: I have always been interested in denim from about the age of 11. I used to wear really baggy mens jeans as I used to ride a skateboard in my early teen years and then as I grew up my jeans got tighter and I then started researching the premium brands. I first fell in love with Rock & Republic jeans and I actually ended up with a fake pair, I didn’t know this at the time but when I did some more research I then realized they were fake and I found this forum (HonestForum) which was a community for people who loved authentic jeans. My obsession with denim kept growing and growing the more I was on there and my collection ended up growing as a result. I was a moderator on that forum for a long time and then I started to write for DenimBlog and things went from there.

There is just something about denim that I love, it’s so versatile and it’s a huge part of fashion. Everyone owns a pair of jeans and everyone loves jeans. It’s really important to have a few staple pieces in your wardrobe. Jeans match everything and it’s such a broad section of fashion. There are so many styles and lately it’s widened into everything possible! Shirts, jackets, really short shorts, vests, dresses, shoes… There is so much! That’s why I really love denim, it can make any item of clothing and it’s so durable, versatile and pretty.

ASHLEYSTYLE.NET: How many pairs of jeans do you own?

LORNA: I think I own somewhere around 120 pairs of premium denim now. I’ve been collecting them for years. It does seem a lot to have and I definitely don’t get chance to wear them all but it’s sort of a hobby like stamp collecting haha. I love jeans. I always like to have the new styles, the new washes, try new brands and it sort of spirals out of control. When I find a cut that I love I then buy it in lots of washes as well :)

ASHLEYSTYLE.NET: Do you have a favorite celebrity denim fashion idol? Why?

LORNA:  My favourite is actually Ashley Tisdale. The reason is because she owns a lot of the jeans I own myself and her denim style is a lot like mine. We seem to wear the same cuts and the same washes when it comes to premium denim. I think Ashley looks great in jeans. If I could pick 2 then Vanessa Hudgens would be next on my list, she has a great collection and wonderful style too.

ASHLEYSTYLE.NET: Speaking of Ashley Tisdale, the singer/actress won DenimBlog’s Top Ten Denim Divas of 2009. How’s the 24-year-old living up to her title thus far in 2010?

LORNA: She’s actually still taking the lead in my opinion! We have blogged Ashley every week so far in a pair of jeans. Mostly J Brand, Siwy and her Dylan George jeans. I really love her customized Paige Premium jeans by Simone Harouche as well, Ashley makes her denim unique and it suits her that’s why she’s our favroutie, she goes beyond just wearing a pair of jeans.

ASHLEYSTYLE.NET: A perk of being the editor for such a successful site as DenimBlog is the interaction and meetings it affords with top denim designers. What’s the best thing that’s come out of being a part of DenimBlog?

LORNA: Wow! I couldn’t pick just one. There have been quite a lot that stand out. Meeting Paige Adams-Geller for the first time in London was amazing, she sent a car for me and I went to her studios, we had lunch and she took me around the shops to see her jeans and things.

Designing a jean myself for Prima Jeans was really amazing too, they are such a nice company and I got to make the entire jean myself, right down to the cut, wash, buttons, pocket lining, rivets, aesthetics and stitching. I’m so pleased with how those turned out!

 Obviously one of the most wonderful things is getting to meet all of the designers and building great relationships with them, a lot of them are lovely and so down to earth, it’s really refreshing to meet people like that in the fashion industry.

 I do have another project coming up which is in progress but it’s a secret for the time being ;)

ASHLEYSTYLE.NET: What’s your personal denim “rules” (if you have any)?

LORNA:  I do have a few denim rules :)

 1) When wearing straight leg or bootcut jeans always make sure the hem is about 1cm off of the floor. You need the length to cover your heels to give the appearance of longer leaner legs.

 2) Always make sure your jeans are not too tight so that they give you a really big muffin top which is visible.

 3) Make sure that when you bend down you don’t let your butt show. You need your jeans to have a rise at the back that’s flattering and not exposing you.

 4) Lastly don’t opt into a trend if it doesn’t suit you, always go for what flatters your figure most. For me that is skinny or straight leg jeans as I have smaller legs and smaller hips. The bootcut jeans swamp my body as do flares. Because I am not very tall either I never bought into the high waisted flared jeans, they really didn’t suit me so I just stuck with skinny jeans :)

 I do have lots of tips here in this link if you would like to know more about denim to flatter your figure

ASHLEYSTYLE.NET: Any new brands to keep an eye out on in 2010?

LORNA: Hmm, it’s definitely really hard to tell when it comes to new brands. Vince denim I really like the look of, they have that Current/Elliott feel to their styles which I love. Prima jeans are also new and they have some beautiful washes.

 The way it goes with brands is it completely depends on the trends. A brand could be in one season and then out the next if they don’t keep up with the trends and are not well established. I mainly look out for the hot styles of the season, like last year it was boyfriend jeans and super skinny jeans, this season it’s all about denim leggings and it’s been interesting to see new brands and older brands come out with their take on the jeggings. Charley 5.0 have stormed into the market with their denim leggings, they are ones to watch as well.  They have lovely styles and bright colours, they are a brand which counters for the fast fashion.

ASHLEYSTYLE.NET: What denim trends are you starting to see phase both in and out of recent collections?

LORNA: The boyfriend trend is slowly fading out after it was such a huge hit last year, it’s more emerging into a boyfriends shorts phase but isn’t as popular right now. The denim leggings trend is absolutely huge! It keeps growing and growing each week and their are some beautiful ones out there. 2 favourites of those would have to be 7 For All Mankind gummy leggings and Paige Premium Rowena and Verdugo Jeggings. Those are the 2 I am in love with right now but I can’t wait to try more. I also hope the trend of the pretty pocket linings showing through shorts becomes bigger, I love the new styles from Siwy that are like that.

ASHLEYSTYLE.NET: Worst denim fad you’ve seen? (BONUS: Did you wear said ‘fashion faux pas’? Be honest!)

LORNA: Hmm, this is a tough one because there have been so many quick trends but most of them actually suit some individuals. I would probably say Carrot fit jeans with the dropped baggy crotch and super skinny at the calves. It’s really not very flattering on any women. The only person I have actually seen pull this look off is Gwen Stefani but she always has a very unique style. I didn’t actually buy these jeans at all either, I’ve never liked them but I normally do try out most trends.

Oh and I just remembered the denim/leather mix jeans, I am definitely not a fan of those, they remind me of chaps and they are not very nice in my opinion. I’ve never bought any of those either. One thing I am guilty of though is wearing some unflattering jeans in the past. I’ve worn some big bootcuts and jeans with overly bright pockets that really did nothing to flatter anyones shape haha, but I learned from my mistakes since then :)

ASHLEYSTYLE.NET: Say anything.

LORNA: If I can say one thing, it’s that everyone should definitely own a good fitting pair of jeans. Ones that make your legs look long and your butt look pert. You should try on as many as you can to find what suits your body the most and go with it. Premium denim does work best for this as they use quality denim and take care over making them all symmetrical and flattering. There are also 5 staple colours to own in denim, Dark blue, medium blue with distressing, light blue, black and grey. If you have those washes then you will always have a jean to match anything you wear :)

 Also thank you for doing this interview with me and giving me the chance to talk about denim to you and the lovely Ashley Tisdale fans!

 I also have a fairly new blog which is for my personal style and the clothes I buy, it’s filled with denim and Louboutins (which are 2 of Ashley’s favourite things) as well as accessories, other shoes, dresses and lots more. I hope you like it! It’s

 Lorna xx.


  1. I love this interview! It’s full of such good tips! Thank you so much Lorna!

    Comment by Georgia on April 26, 2010 at 4:52 pm

  2. Thank you for chatting with us, Lorna! Love the answers. :)

    Comment by Audrey on April 26, 2010 at 7:02 pm

  3. Amy

    Great tips on style from lorna. Wish I could afford to have an obsession with denim like she does. I really love denim blog it’s such a good resource for exact items (especially ashley’s) can’t wait yo read more interviews like this and more from lorna on denim blog!!

    Comment by Amy on April 26, 2010 at 9:57 pm

  4. You are welcome! I’m glad you liked my answers :)

    Comment by Lorna on April 27, 2010 at 2:46 am

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